1. Any one who owns a water system, it is very important to maintain the system proper and on time. At Aqua Blu, we have a yearly service plan. Which means we will come and service your system for you to make sure its working proper and there are no problems with it. At the same time we test your system, flush them out and check for any necessary leaks. We check your salt level in your softener, program it and make sure its installed in the right place.
  2. If you hear loud vibrations, or noise from your system and you are not sure what it is, dont try and fix it your self. It is possible that your system might have a lot of pressure and the line can pop out of place. You must shut it off and call us right away.
  3. If you notice your water pressure is not the same and it is coming out very slow and all over the place. There can be a problem with the system or your reservoir tank (storage tank). Call us and we will send over the technician right away to fix the issue.
  4. Have you noticed your softener is not working proper and the water is not soft? The Salt is not dissolving? Or your softener is not regenerating? Please call us to fix it over the phone, or we can send one of our technicians over to take a look at the problem for you.
  5. If you have any other issues or problems other than the ones listed above, dont hesitate to call us to resolve the issue.

Please call us at 647-802-Aqua or fill out the information below with details and we will get back to you asap. Thank you